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Coronavirus - Economic protection and charitable decisions in rural towns

Budapest, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 (MTI) – At the same time as the government's economic protection measures, rural municipalities are helping businesses in difficult situations due to the coronavirus epidemic with local decisions and action plans.

An economic protection action plan was developed in Kaposvár. On Tuesday, Mayor Károly Szita announced on his Facebook page that the rent of restaurants operating in municipally-owned property subject to opening hours restrictions will be reduced by 70 percent, and those of shops and service providers by 50 percent, leaving HUF 8 million per month for the businesses concerned.
He added that with regard to local taxes, payment facilitation, instalments, and payment deferrals are given to businesses that request it. So far, 25 businesses have indicated their need for this, and the decision represents a total of HUF 300 million in temporary assistance. Natural persons are provided with 12-month installments free of charge once a year for a tax debt of up to half a million forints.
The mayor of Kaposvár spoke about the fact that 100 volunteers are already doing their shopping for around 150 elderly people, buying medicine and delivering lunch to 300 people. Volunteers and family physician primary care workers can park for free in the county seat of Somogy starting Wednesday, and the hospital's medical workers can use a parking lot that is open to them free of charge.
Mayor Ernő Görgényi Gyulán announced an action plan for local businesses operating in the service sector. Companies renting business premises from the municipality receive a discount on the rent: 25 percent if they are operating, 50 percent if they are forced to suspend their activities. He ordered a payment moratorium until June 30 to pay the discounted amount. They also give a 25 or 50 percent discount on the public space usage fee. You do not have to pay the discounted rent for the time being either, it will be possible to pay in installments from July 1 to December 31.
In Eger, mayor Ádám Mirkóczki announced at his press conference on Tuesday: businesses that rent property from the municipality or its company can receive a three-month payment moratorium based on an individual request. After it expires, they are provided with the option of paying in installments.
In Szeged, Mayor László Botka extended by decree the expiring settlement subsidies - housing, medicine and emergency child protection subsidies - which are paid out by the municipality until the end of May to those needy families who have already benefited from them without a separate application or certification. Based on the agreement with NKM Áramhárosati Kft., the company can only interrupt the electricity supply in the city in very justified cases. The municipality currently delivers hot food and shopping to nearly five hundred single elderly people over the age of 70 for a fee every day.
According to the decision of the mayor of Pécs, Attila Péterffy, on Tuesday, the market hall will no longer open on Thursday, and will remain closed until the decision is withdrawn. The operator will no longer collect the next month's local payment. The rent of Pécs city-owned real estate and business premises for April and May will not be invoiced by Pécsi Vagyonutilizótó Zrt, which is owned by the municipality. The settlement will be negotiated separately with each tenant by the end of May at the latest, the municipality announced. Tüke Busz Zrt., which operates public transport in Pécs, will implement the weekend timetable from 0 am on Thursday due to the reduced passenger traffic.
From April 1st to the end of June, the Makó municipality will reduce the rent of all non-residential properties it owns by half, the rents on the city market will also be reduced by 50 percent for this period, and 30 percent less local tax must be paid.
In Székesfehérvár, more than 220 volunteers have applied, and they are constantly receiving their credentials and equipment, along with the contact information of the persons to be helped, Mayor András Cser-Palkovics announced on his social media page, adding that 199 elderly people have requested help at the telephone customer service so far.
More and more people in Debrecen are joining the support fund created at the initiative of the mayor, which will be used with the cooperation of the Debrecen Charitable Board. The local government created the fund with 20 million forints, private individuals and businesses can also join. The representatives also help those in difficult situations and the elderly through voluntary work.
In Mohács, the local government launched a system to help people over 65 years of age with no relatives, among other things, in shopping, providing medicine, and receiving mail, with the involvement of volunteers.
In Oroszlány, the municipality built a high-speed internet connection in order to provide a higher quality service for digital distance learning and for faster and better access to the websites operated by the city. In recent days, two special issues of the city newspaper have also been published, and the library in Oroszlány is helping the elderly cope with confinement with packages made up of colorful magazines and weeklies.
Siófok has created a financial fund to cover the costs arising in an emergency, and offers from private individuals and businesses are expected.

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