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November 17, 2021 Siofok November 17, 2021

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MTÜ: it is worth booking accommodation for the summer now

Since the beginning of May, the number of bookings received for the summer months has increased by more than 40 percent, if the growth remains so dynamic, it will be difficult to find accommodation in popular domestic holiday destinations in the high season, the Hungarian Tourism Agency told MTI on Thursday.

According to the announcement, the data suggest that the summer domestic tourist season will be stronger than last year, so those who book on time will definitely have accommodation.
The summer will be basically about domestic tourism. It is also worth exploring new places, as thanks to the developments, a diverse, high-quality accommodation offer and program opportunities await visitors across the country, they added.
The data received by the National Tourist Information Center show that the number of bookings in domestic accommodation is constantly increasing, the largest increase is in private accommodation, while the largest increase is in hotels.
The number of guest nights booked for the summer months has already reached 4.5 million, with 89 per cent of bookings received in rural accommodation. This year, the accommodations of Lake Balaton are the most popular (33 percent), followed by Mátra-Bükk (8 percent) and Debrecen and its surroundings (7 percent).
Based on the reservations, the most sought after places next to Lake Balaton are: Balatonfüred, Siófok, Hévíz, Zalakaros and Cserszegtomaj. In the Mátra-Bükk area: Miskolc (Lillafüred), Eger, Gyöngyös, Egerszalók and Noszvaj. Debrecen and its surroundings: Hajdúszoboszló, Debrecen, Tiszafüred, Berekfürdő and Abádszalók.

Nationally protected bogs were also affected by the reed fire in Fonyód.

Image by Ronald Plett from Pixabay

127 hectares of reeds burned over the weekend in Berek, on the border of Fonyód, 70-80 percent of which are nationally protected bogs, BalatonThe head of the area belonging to the Directorate of the Highland National Park on Monday to contact the MTI. Continue reading …

Record entry for next year's NN Ultrabalaton

The record number for the 2021 NN Ultrabalaton set a record.

According to the organizers, 1,300 teams entered in the 4-14-person category - the list was full in just three minutes - and there are more than 630 teams on the waiting list. The 2-3-person competition category will open at the end of November, but despite the uncertain conditions created by the epidemic situation, the organizers are already confident that by 2021, a record number of entrants will be set at the longest running event in Central Europe.
“We were also surprised by the whole thing, as there are a lot of question marks about the epidemic. It is a pleasure for us that NN Ultrabalaton is still so popular among runners, ”said Miklós Zelcsényi, the main organizer of the event, after closing the entry.
At the 15th NN Ultrabalaton, announced for 14 May 2021, the participants will start the lake from Balatonfüred.

NN Ultrabalaton is a 221-kilometer ultramarathon running race around Lake Balaton.

In 2007, the founders dreamed of an ultra-racing race of over 200 kilometers. The total number of participants at that time was 200. More and more people have joined this handful every year, so by 2018 the number of entrants has already exceeded 11,000. In the first years the field started from the shore of the Inner Lake of Tihany, in 2013 the competition center moved to Balatonaliga. In 2019, UB will start from Balatonfüred. There are 32 hours available for performance in a team (relay race) or individually.

The competition was dreamed up by Zöldgömb Sport Klub, the first 7 events were organized by Supermaraton Kft. 350 teams stood for the start line. From the eighth year, Balatonman Triatlon Kft. Will be organized by Ultrabalaton, in 2019 the organizers expect 1200-1300 teams. The international ultra-running federation, the IAU, awarded the competition a silver rating on January 5, 2008, making Ultrabalaton the first Hungarian competition to achieve this recognition. Source: wikipedia

President of TÖOSZ: we need to be prepared for the fact that many people are moving to Lake Balaton

Apartment - Condominium - Siofok - Gold Coast

Siófok, Wednesday, October 14, 2020 (MTI) - It is necessary to prepare for the fact that after the Covid epidemic subsides, the population of the Balaton region will increase in the next ten years, said Jenő Schmidt, President of the National Association of Local Governments (TÖOSZ) Balaton online conference on Wednesday. Continue reading …

One hundred films compete for the main prize of the Bujtor István Film Festival in Balatonszemes

Készítette: Solymári - A feltöltő saját munkája, CC BY-SA 4.0, Hivatkozás

One hundred films start in the XI. In the competition program of the István Bujtor Film Festival, which includes screenings, concerts, theater performances, sailing, a vintage car parade, exhibitions and gastronomic programs in Balatonszemes from 17 to 21 August. The competition program of the festival - keeping in mind the oeuvre of István Bujtor - included films on crime, mystery, joy, human stories rich in twists and turns, and this time on quarantine. Out of the 141 nominated works, a hundred films entered the competition program, most of which can be seen by the public in front of the Latinovits Cultural House in Balatonszemes, mostly in the presence of the creators, the organizers told MTI on Monday.

For example, the Oscar-winning Kristóf Deák's film Prisoners will feature András Dér's work, The Rubens Girl, but Sándor Gál's Los Angeles award-winning Defekt and Emma, ​​directed by Rudolf Olivér, will also be in competition.
Anna Bartúcz processed the escape of the recently deceased swimming champion Éva Székely from the Arrow Cross raid in the form of an animated short film, and the work is also a paraphrase of the first scene of the Bud Spencer film The Crime Hunters, the work of Zoltán Porpáczy.
Among the quarantine cinemas, the organizers highlighted Zoltán Végh's film Waiting for Budapest, in which he choreographed the dulcimer music of the dancer János Feledi Miklós Lukács in the iconic squares of empty Budapest.
The poems feature works by poets such as János Arany, Dezső Kosztolányi, Frigyes Karinthy, Endre Ady, Jenő Dsida, Sándor Petőfi, Gizella Hervay, János Pilinszky and Miklós Radnóti.
Among the documentaries will be Ádám Rozgonyi's film Homatérők, made in memory of the centenary of the Trianon peace treaty, the work of the former category winner Zsolt Magyar, about bees, and Boglákka Boglákka's Mother's Dream.
The chairman of the jury is film director Attila Janisch, its members are actor Marina Gera, film director József Kalász, editor, Imre Lutter, festival director, producer, president of the Association of Hungarian Poets, and director Alfréd Wiegmann, artistic director of the First Hungarian Poetry Theater.
The jury awards the István Bujtor Prize - a scaled-down, gilded copy of Bujtor's private ship, which is the work of Zolta Árvay - by category, but also awards a special prize for best directing, screenplay, cinematography, editing and acting, worth a total of HUF 1 million.
The public screenings will be accompanied by creative talks and public meetings, and on August 22 the István Bujtor Sailing Memorial Competition in Balatonkenese, Balatonaliga and Balatonalmádi.
Ötvös Csöpi films will be screened in the garden cinema of the festival, and Ferenc Caramel Molnár, Irigy Hónaljmirigy, Steve Hajdu, Attila Csengeri, artists of the Pécs National Theater, wind instruments of the PTE Brass Band and the Bóbita Puppet Theater will perform on the stage.

István Bujtor (born Frenreisz, Budapest, May 5, 1942 - Budapest, September 25, 2009) Balázs Béla Prize-winning Hungarian actor, film director, screenwriter, producer. His mother is the eldest child of Károly Gundel, a famous Budapest innkeeper, Katalin Gundel (1910–2010). His half-brother is Zoltán Latinovits, the child born from his mother's first marriage. His father id. István Frenreisz was an internist, cardiologist, and his brother Károly Frenreisz was a Kossuth Prize-winning rock musician. On the advice of film director Márton Keleti, he took the name Bujtor after his paternal great-grandfather during his first film role.
His first wife was violinist Eszter Perényi, his son Balázs Bujtor was a violinist (born June 13, 1975), his daughter was Anna Bujtor, a lawyer, drama teacher (born February 20, 1979), and his second wife was Judit Bujtor.
From 2010, on the initiative of the Zoltán Latinovits Foundation in Balatonszemes, the Bujtor István Film Festival will be held annually, with the participation of independent and amateur creators.
The Bujtor Ring is an award founded in 2011 to recognize the background workers of the Petőfi Theater in Veszprém.
On May 5, 2013, on the 71st anniversary of his birth, his entire statue was inaugurated in Vitorlás Square, Balatonfüred. The work of the Mihály Munkácsy Prize-winning sculptor Ádám Farkas depicts Bujtor as a helmsman on the ship Rabonbán (cruiser 30). The statue has also been criticized, as the figure of Bujtor is placed with his back to Lake Balaton. The locals call the statue "Legend of Lake Balaton". Source: wikipedia

Cover image created by: SolymáriThe uploader's own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Reference

Source wikipedia.

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Lake Balaton has also been the subject of unique research on 31 lakes around the world

According to a study published in one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals, changes in water quality could have a significant impact on the development of catch data recorded in lakes, which will also affect the region's economy and food security. The research, carried out with significant international collaboration, compared data from 31 lakes on five continents, including dr. With the participation of András Weiperth, a researcher at Szent István University, Lake Balaton was also included. Continue reading …

Zoltán Diószegi won the Silver Ribbon, the first sailing competition of the year

The IRF Ventilo 28th catamaran won the first official sailing competition of the year, the Silver Ribbon Night Touring Competition.

According to the information of the Spartacus Sailing Association on Sunday, Zoltán Diószegi and his crew, András Székely, Csaba Hunfalvy and Gábor Antal, covered the Balatonföldvár-Balatongyörök-Balatonföldvár distance in about ten and a half hours at the third race. The field of 118 boats was thoroughly tested by the weak, westerly winds at night.
The Hungarian federation announced in early May that it would resume competitions from June 1, following the principle of gradation, minimizing security risks. The reduced entry fee for the Silver Ribbon, which started on Saturday, could only be paid by bank transfer due to the mandatory departure of party events, there was no party entry. There will be no award ceremony, and the prizes - including the absolute first inherited wandering prize, a heavy silver tray - will be distributed to the winners later by the organizers.

Zoltán Diószegi and his crew, András Székely, Csaba Hunfalvy and Gábor Antal, covered the Balatonföldvár-Balatongyörök-Balatonföldvár distance in about ten and a half hours. The field of 118 boats was thoroughly tested by the weak, westerly winds at night. The Hungarian federation announced in early May that it would resume competitions from June 1, following the principle of gradation, minimizing security risks. The reduced entry fee for the Silver Ribbon, which started on Saturday, could only be paid by bank transfer due to the mandatory departure of party events, there was no party entry.

Sport sailing on Lake Balaton
Although sailboats have been used for fishing on Lake Balaton for a long time, their use for sports purposes has only slowly spread. Pál Festetics established a shipyard in Fenékpuszta in 1760 using Dutch and Italian carpenters, where the first known Hungarian ship, the Phönix, was built, which was inaugurated on July 16, 1797. The sailing was started here in an interesting way by a steamboat, István Széchenyi brought the legendary Kisfaludy to Lake Balaton, and its crew started sailing.

The Balaton-Füred Yacht Association was established in 1867, according to the statutes of which the smallest ship was 25 tons and the crew could be up to 25 people, the members of the club were mostly members of the aristocratic and aristocratic class. Expensive ships were brought from England, but they were soon destroyed. The Balaton Sailing Association was founded in 1882 and the first race was held on August 22nd. The British shipbuilder Richard Young, who settled in Balatonfüred, built the yachts one after the other. The clubhouse in Balatonfüred was established in 1886, which became the main center of sailing on Lake Balaton. In 1881, the Balaton-Füred Yacht Association took the name Stefánia Yacht Association, which was renamed the Hungarian Yacht Club in 1912, and the following year it was renamed the Royal Hungarian Yacht Club (KMYC) with the permission of the Minister of the Interior and the approval of the king. The Budapest-based Balaton Yacht Club was also established in 1912. Next to Balatonfüred, sailing clubs were established in Aliga, Világos, Almádi, Csopak, Siófok and Lelle. This was made possible by the advent of smaller, cheaper ships in the 1920s and 1930s. Source: wikipedia

Thirteen-time Blue Ribbon winner Litkey Farkas and his team have started preparing for the lake bypass competition.

Thirteen-time Blue Ribbon winner Litkey Farkas and his team have started preparing for the Lake Lake bypass race - the helmsman is motivated by some uncertainty in the team’s composition.

“We usually get ready for the Blue Ribbon for a month and a half, now we have a little more time as the race has been postponed for a few weeks,” PreVital Governor Litkey told NS about the issue. He also said that it is very interesting that a few weeks ago they were still excited about whether it would be possible to sail or race this year at all, would there be a Blue Ribbon? And now they are weaving plans and even training continuously. All the information available today suggests that things are going in the right direction for the epidemic and could hold the Blue Ribbon on July 30th. Continue reading …

The sailing season on Lake Balaton started on Saturday.

This year's sailing season started in Balatonfüred on Saturday morning with the wreathing of Lake Balaton and a solid celebration. Lajos Kollár, President of the Hungarian Sailing Association (MVSZ), emphasized that the postponed Olympics due to the coronavirus epidemic affected everyone painfully, but the task of the association is to help keep Olympians and sailors in shape by preserving the quotas they have already acquired, or get back in shape for next summer in Tokyo. Continue reading …

The Blue Wave Flag Lake Balaton Beach Qualification Competition will be announced again this year

Due to the corona virus epidemic, the Blue Wave flag beach qualification competition will be announced this week, the special prize will be won this year by the beach that the jury considers to be the safest from an epidemiological point of view - the presidency of the Balaton Association (BSZ) At his meeting in Balatonakali. Continue reading …

Yet Andrea Kobetic does not retire, extended in Siófok

Contrary to previous plans by Croatian Andrea Kobetic, he will not retire at the end of the season, and the handball player has extended his summer contract with Siófok KC by one year. Continue reading …

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