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The lake water losses at the same time let ships crossing the Canal Sio

MMKM_TEMGY_2019_1_1_1_23_34 steam tug in Siofok

More boat is supplied from the Sio-channel, taking advantage of short-term opening of the Sio-lock to reach the Danube to Lake Balaton and the Balaton to the Danube before beginning approximately two-year-circuit traffic due to reconstruction of the water level control structures. Continue reading …

We can get around the Balaton how long?

There are several ways to get around Lake Balaton, with different vehicles, on foot, running, by boat, by bicycle. It depends on why it is worth setting out, what the weather conditions are like, if the wind is not good and the forecast is not in our favor, then surely even a runner can overtake our sailboat. If we want to get around as quickly as possible, we can get around in 3-4 hours by car, following the rules of the KRESZ, of course it also depends on whether we use the highway.

In second place is sailing with a good wind, the 2016 record holder at the Kékzigálat race, with 7 hours and 13 minutes, but remember that this journey can take up to 16 hours if there is no suitable wind, however, one of the advantages of sailing is that it does not you have to duck and follow the designated road surface, it is enough to turn one at Kenese and Keszthely.

You can cycle around Lake Balaton at a comfortable pace in 12-14 hours. Ultramarathon relays of 5-6 people can finish in 23 hours, and the Individual record is 18 hours. If we count on a walking tour, we have to allocate 40 hours for the journey. If we calculate the time between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár, then it certainly means 3 hours of exhausting swimming for the adventurous.

But let's not forget that Lake Balaton will impress us so much during the trip that we will definitely slow down, stop and admire it, everyone calculates this time for themselves, how much time they spend on it and it is better to multiply it by two, so less calculate your schedule.

If you might get tired in the map accommodation also finds

Here in 2019 Camino Balaton by October 5-14 2019.

10 days of walking redefines many things in a person, there is time to be alone, there is time to think and relax - in a completely different form than what a person does during an average vacation. In addition, the girls not only worked regularly alongside the tour - as freelancers - but also kept a blog about their adventures. This is how it happened that the road was surrounded by unexpected interest: TV crews followed them with drones, radio interviews were made, locals waited for them to run at the border of the villages, and even several people - both acquaintances and strangers - joined for a section. Everywhere there was a hot tea, a kind invitation, a "let's go", and the amazing winter view of the frozen Lake Balaton was just a plus. Since the bike path is easy to walk and there are no big climbs, the 20-25 kilometers set daily can be completed by an average person, although it is sometimes not easy to get up and start for 10 days in a row. The road takes you through forests, along the coast, past reeds with highlights such as the high bank of Akarattya, the bay of gray cattle Kerekedi or the view from Fonyód to Badacsony and the Tanúhegye. Balaton Camino already attracted more than 100 participants in 2018, and tens of thousands followed the team's adventures on the blog, Facebook and Instagram pages.

This year, the members of the team will again discover the places open along the road, the best rest benches, the most delicious lunches, the most beautiful sections, and they will also provide news about the accommodations. In the meantime, they meet and talk with locals and guests connected to Balaton, take photos and tell stories on the blog. The goal is to show that Lake Balaton is a perfect destination for relaxation in all seasons, and that walking around it is a special experience - even if one completes the distance not all at once, but in sections. You can find more information here: https://balatoncamino.blog.hu

Women's Handball NB I - Siofok beat the Kisvárdai scoring nine - Standings, click here

Budapest, Wednesday, September 11, 2019 (MTI) - According to the odds, Siófok defeated Kisvárda in the only women's handball NB I match on Wednesday.

The visiting team held its own in the first thirty minutes, as the home team could only gain a two-goal advantage, but after the halftime change, the EHF Cup winner, who was competing for the podium, prevailed Balaton- greater knowledge of party ensemble.

Result, women's NB I:
Siófok KC-Kisvárda Master Good SE 26-17 (13-11)

The table:
1. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria 4 3 1 – 127-102 7 pont
2. DVSC Schaeffler 3 2 1 – 93-76 5
3. Siófok KC 3 2 – 1 90-65 4
4. Audi ETO KC 2 2 – – 60-4
5. Váci NKSE 2 2 – – 60-49 4
6. Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA 2 1 – 1 54-53 2
7. Érd HC 2 1 – 1 54-56 2
8. Alba Fehérvár KC 2 1 – 1 51-57 2
9. Kisvárda Master Good SE 3 1 – 2 64-79 2
10. MTK Budapest 3 1 – 2 72-94 2
11. Motherson-Mosonmagyaróvár 2 – – 2 55-58 0
12. Békéscsabai Elörere NKSE 2 – – 2 54-58 0
13. Szent István SE 2 – – 2 46-66 0
14. Szombathely KKA 2 – – 2 44-65 0

Fifteen thousand runners are waiting for next year to 14 Ultrabalatonon

Next year, there will be 15,000 participants in the 14th NN Ultrabalaton mass sports event around Balaton, where the 221 kilometer distance can be completed individually or in relays, running or cycling.

At the event's press conference on Thursday, competition director Miklós Zelcsényi announced that after the 13,000 participants "produced" 5.2 tons of garbage after the Ultrabalaton organized in May this year, they decided to organize a green event in 2020.
"On the first day of our pasta party, which has become traditional, we will only give the guests recycled or paper cutlery and plates, from now on we will not put leaflets in the start packs, and we will not produce a printed program booklet, but all information will be available online for the participants, and the development on our mobile phone application" said Miklós Zelcsényi. He added that they would like to reduce last year's amount of garbage by at least half, but rather by a third.
The race director emphasized that the Ultrabalaton will be the first green-minded, environmentally conscious event among the major European running races. He also presented the recyclable, so-called trail cup, which will replace the previous plastic cups at the 2020 event. He pointed out that the plastic bottles accumulated at the refreshment points will be selectively collected and handed over to become recyclable material.
"Our goal with these measures is to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible," he added.
Péter Sárfalvi, Emmi's deputy state secretary responsible for sports facilities and sports relations, emphasized that such and similar sports events are very necessary because it is important to get as many people as possible to exercise regularly.
"Before 2010, the proportion of regular sportsmen in Hungary was 5 percent, today it has risen to 12-14 percent, but the long-term goal is to raise it to 20 percent," declared the deputy state secretary.
Imre Sztanó, the CEO of the eponymous sponsor NN Biztosító, reported that the company supports 60 running races worldwide, but even among them Ultrabalat occupies a special place, the essence of which can only be truly understood when someone starts on it.
It was said at the press conference that in 2007 there were only 200 entrants to the Ultrabalaton, and while in 2016 the event was sold out in 54 days, last year the entrants completed the entry list in just 22 minutes.
The 2020 Ultrabalathon will be held from May 14 to 17. The field of the 221-kilometer long-distance competition will start from Balatonfüred and return there after going around Lake Balaton. Information about the event can be viewed on the ultrabalaton.hu website.

Flying Dutch European Championships - Majthényi and Domokos are preparing for their first domestic triumph - PREVIEW

The 13-time world champion Szabolcs Majthényi and András Domokos are preparing for their first domestic victory at the Flying Holland European Sailing Championship in Balatonföldvár starting on Monday. The double of the Spartacus Sailing Association won the open national championship held this week as a warm-up, finishing first in every race.
68 teams from 16 countries will compete in the European Championships, representatives of six nations have already started in the open competition. Among them, one of Majthényi's main rivals, the Danish unit led by Jörgen Bojsen-Möller.

"They didn't start every race, they were installing their new boat, so no conclusions should be drawn from their tenth place," Szabolcs Majthényi told MTI.
He added that Jörgen Bojsen-Möller is now competing with his cousin, this pair won a silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics - the Flying Dutchman has not been included in the five-ring program since then.
"Based on the forecasts, there will be a weak windy European Championships, which favors the Danes, because of the greater weight, at least medium wind would be better for us," emphasized Szabolcs Majthényi, who is also one of the main organizers of the European Championships.
This - in other words, that this is how his attention is divided between the competition and the organization - may be the explanation that the World Cup record holder, six-time European champion Hungarian pair has not been able to win in the three Balaton World Championships so far, coming second each time.
Majthényi's team won the World Championship held in New Zealand in February, securing their gold medal with two races to go, and they also won the Silver Sombrero award for the absolute best team.
From Monday, the races start every day at 10 a.m. in Balatonföldvár. There are nine races in the program, but results can already be announced based on four sub-races.

Renovation of the M7 motorway continues from today

Renovation of the M7 motorway continues from today

Budapest, Saturday, September 14, 2019 (MTI) – The renovation of the M7 motorway will continue from today.

The final phase of the renovation, which covers a total of 20 kilometers, starts in the direction of Letenye, on the section between kilometers 90 and 96.
The renovation of the Balatonvilagos section of the M7 motorway will be carried out by the contractor, similarly to the previous two stages, with the affected side of the road closed.
Those driving in the direction of Letenye can drive on the inner lane of the side heading towards the capital on the diverted section, while motorists heading towards Budapest can use the outer and stop lane.
The works are scheduled to last until mid-November.

The cooling stopped the growth of algae in the lake

The cooling at the beginning of September stopped the growth of algae in Lake Balaton, according to the results of the latest open water measurements, the mass of algae in the Keszthely Bay, where the highest value was previously measured, has decreased drastically, Lajos Vörös, a researcher at the Balaton Institute of Limnology (BLI), told the MTI with on Friday.

According to the researcher's report, measurements were taken at five locations in the lake's open water this week, which indicated that the algae population had begun to die. After a value of over 100, the a-chlorophyll concentration, which characterizes the amount of algae, dropped again to below 40 micrograms/liter in the Keszthely Bay. He added that there may be different values ​​from the open water measurements in the coastal, shallow water parts and bays of the lake.
The professor emphasized that the rapid improvement of the situation does not mean that the cause of the extraordinary algae invasion at the end of August does not need to be found out as soon as possible. He also reported that the BLI has had a series of data on Lake Balaton since 1965, which shows that before 2019, the last time there was an objectionable level of algae growth in the open water of the lake was in 1994.
The responses of the Somogyi and Zala government offices to MTI's inquiry revealed that, based on tests, the waters of all beaches were found to be suitable for bathing during the season, and that no values ​​were found on the beaches that would make bathing a health risk, even in the first days of September.
According to the Somogy County Government Office, 59 natural bathing places were operating on the southern shore of Lake Balaton this summer, mostly from June 7 to September 1. In order to monitor the bathing water in accordance with the legislation, the operators took one sample each month, the values ​​of which were evaluated by accredited laboratories.
"The condition of the bathing waters in our area at the time of the inspections did not indicate the proliferation of cyanobacteria, and the operators did not report any signs of this during the season. The decrease in temperature and air movement significantly reduce the chances of cyanobacteria proliferation, so after the summer season, there is even less chance of its occurrence" - according to the information of the government office in Somogy.
This year, 8 natural bathing places were operating in the Balaton Zala county area this summer. The bathing place that has been open for the longest time also officially closed last weekend - according to the relevant government office. The water quality was tested 3-6 times before the beaches opened and during the season. If the bath water is bluish-green, cloudy, foaming, cyanobacterial cell count, chlorophyll and toxin tests are also performed.
"The bathing water test results sampled before the season were not objected to this year either, bathing water discoloration was reported once during the season, after which the competent authority carried out the necessary tests on all licensed beaches. The results did not exceed the objectionable level defined in the legislation" - according to the information provided by the Zala County Government Office.

The renewable transport museum exhibited the old photos Siofok. -képgaléria.

Unparalleled lake picture material digitized by the end of the summer, the Renewable Transport Museum. Port construction is mainly between the two world wars, coastal works and social situation of workers in the presentation lake, lake transport genres seen in the previously unpublished photos.

The institution has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Balaton Shipping Co. Ltd. (Bahari) of materials secured in Siofok archive and transfer of fényképnegatívok included in the digitization, cataloging, research in rendering of, as a result of kilencdoboznyi matter in the museum.

The gallery transport museum sharing of courtesy

Blue Ribbon - it started in the outfield Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred, 2019 Thursday, July 18th, (MTI) - started 51 of the Blue Ribbon Award from Balatonfüred field for Thursday morning, according to information from the organizers 561 ships called on competition. Continue reading …

It was renewed for the first tour stop in lake water Fonyódon

seven water tour stop will be renewed within the framework of the integrated development of water tourism in the Balaton aiming to EU projects in Siofok, Zamárdi, Balatonszemes Fonyód, Keszthely, Révfülöp and Tihany HUF 595 million in non-reimbursable EU funding - was the official handover of the first stop on Tuesday Fonyódon where on Saturday counted about two thousand participants, row across the lake. Continue reading …

He fell into a foreign rider to Sióba Siófok

He fell into a foreign rider to Sióba Siófok. Because of the nearly four meters high, steep embankment could not climb out of the water and barely had the strength to hold onto when huge Luckily a free day in the garden water policeman heard his girlfriend segélykiáltásait. Continue reading …

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