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Siofok, Republic Street - Apartment for rent


For rent - Siofok, Republic Street

For rent - Siofok, Republic Street Cozy ground-floor apartment next to the Siofok plage. Tenement House 2 roomed ground floor air-conditioned apartment has a private terrace for rent 2018.szeptembertől 2019th […]

Apartment - Apartment - Siofok - Kerváros


Apartment - Apartment - Siofok - kertv ...

Apartment - Apartment - Siofok - Kerváros 2019.októbertől Mini apartment for long term rent. separate apartments in the yard area of ​​Siofok family house for rent house yard. […]

Apartment - Condominium - Zamárdi


Apartment - Condominium - Zamárdi

Apartment - Condominium - Zamárdi for rent from 31.05.2020 until 01.10.2019 a newly built ground floor apartment close to the beach of Lake Balaton in Zamárdi. Zamardi Balatonszéplak-lower town 40 nm new […]

Apartment - Condominium - Siofok - Gold Coast


Apartment - Condominium - Siofok - Gold ...

Apartment - Condominium - Siofok - Gold Coast for rent from 31.05.2020 until 01.10.2019 a fourth-floor apartment with lift Siofok Balaton Beach. Siofok Gold Beach, lake view 45 […]

Apartment - flat - Siofok - center


Albérlet – Társasházi lakás – Siófok –...

Apartment - flat - Siofok - center rent seasonally 15.06.2019 from 15.09.2018 until a third-floor apartment near the bus station in Siofok. 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, […]



Kiskovács Apartment - Fonyódliget

Kiskovács Apartment - Fonyódliget quiet peaceful holiday, just a family or a couple of good friends get together for a few days. Bbq, conversations on the terrace, relax, splash a couple […]

Töreki Guest House


Töreki apartment house, a house to rent in Siofok-Törekin Vadregény ...

Töreki your holiday apartment house is completely isolated by the romantic area of ​​ponds in the vicinity of Siofok, if you are looking for luxury and big party in the place, the rest Cinege […]

András Apartment - Siofok, Gold Coast


András Apartment - Siofok, Gold Coast

András Apartment - Siofok, the Gold Coast Accommodation Gold Coast court in the apartment pool. Lake Balaton Siofok city water nearby hotel, rent air-conditioned apartment for 4 persons. 1 […]

Diószeghy Villa - Siofok-Széplak


Diószeghy Villa - Siofok-Széplak

Diószeghy Villa - Siofok-Széplak Rooms Balatonszéplak the Diószegi Villa. The accommodation consists of 4 rooms with 2 beds per room, including 3 guest rooms with extra beds. breakfast on request […]

Coach Fives Pension, Siofok


Coach Fives Pension, Siofok

Five Carriage Restaurant and Guesthouse - Siofok The pension provides excellent opportunities for relaxation Double rooms situated in the city center, in a quiet, family neighborhood married, even for larger companies […]

Gerbovits Kisapartmanok - Siófok


Gerbovits Kisapartmanok - Siófok

Gerbovits Small Apartments - Siofok Accommodation in Siofok suburban part in peaceful surroundings, quiet location, our guests, Gerbovits the cottage yard. The hotel in Siofok Gold Coast […]

Gerbovits Guesthouse - Siofok


Gerbovits Guesthouse - Siofok

Gerbovits Guesthouse - Siofok Accommodation in Siofok suburban part in peaceful surroundings, quiet location, our guests, Gerbovits the guest house. Accommodation near Siofok, the Gold Coast, […]

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Formed by the Board of Directors re Hunguest Hotels

Hunguest Hotels remodeled the Board of Directors: Jean-Paul Herzog, former president of the Middle East and Africa Markets at the Hilton hotel group became a board member of the Hunguest Hotels. . Nicholas Gal, the owner of Opus Global Plc CEO also elected a member of the decision-making body - the Hunguest told MTI on Friday. Continue reading …

A new marina being built in Balatonfüred

Started the construction in the area of ​​Balatonfüred Camping Füred, which establish a new tourist stop point close to 2 billion forints to receive 142 ships with a port development - is the Hungarian Yachting Association MTI offer last week sent Tuesday in a statement. Continue reading …

prohibited catch pike on Lake Balaton from today until the end of March

begins Monday and runs until the end of March the specific prohibition catch pike on Lake Balaton, where due to the stringent regulations of the targeted angling is prohibited for the fish - said the Lake Fishery Management Nonprofit Ltd. angling industry leader MTI on Sunday.. Continue reading …

By boat in the Black Sea Siótól

The BAHART-LOCK modernizing and expanding A NEW PROJECT FOR ACTIVE Sports Facilities
As the largest infrastructural development of Hungary's most important resort area, the reconstruction of the Balaton lock system of HUF 19 billion has begun in Sófok, and the development of water tourism in the Sió canal will start soon, from HUF 340 million. With the modernization of the drainage system, the water sports route of Sió will be longer - it is planned to reach the mouth of the Danube as well - and the traffic of small boats suitable for sports and passenger transport between Lake Balaton and the Black Sea can start.

The professional and amateur riders of the Szekszárd Kayak-Canoe Sports Association, founded in 2010, are also following the processes with keen interest, because they hope that the Kiti dam will be another step towards the realization of the conditions of the waterway, which is important for them, mainly for sports purposes.

Magyar Nemzet writes full article here

Auctioneer resort to them not only in the amount of HUF 6.5 billion MNV Zrt.

. (. MNV Zrt), the Hungarian State Holding Company announces nearly HUF 6.5 billion of Lake Balaton Holiday Resort your e-auctioned on Tuesday - the organization told MTI on Monday. Continue reading …

Balatonfenyvesi rebuild the railway csisztafürdői branches by the end of next year

Next year begins Balatonfenyvesi railway csisztafürdői branch reconstruction of 2.1 billion forints, the work is carried out according to plan until the end of the year - said Homolya Robert, President and CEO of MÁV Wednesday press conference Balatonfenyvesen the railway was completed Somogyszentpál stretch of track repair. Continue reading …

Winemaker of the Year accolades handed over

Csaba Koch Hajós-Baja wine-growing wine region was awarded awarded by the Hungarian Wine Academy (MBA), Winemaker of the Year recognition in Hungary in Budapest on Thursday. Continue reading …

One billion HUF investment Badacsonyörs developed palackozóját Varga Winery

Billion HUF investment put into operation a modern, bottles purity, integrity and the filling level monitoring production line in the plant in Badacsonyörs Varga Winery. Continue reading …

Real-time traffic data collection will start in a few guest bath

A pilot program for real-time data collection will be launched in some Hungarian spas in December in cooperation with the Hungarian Baths Association (MFSZ) and the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ), the Deputy CEO of the NGO said in Zalakaros on Tuesday. László Fényid reported at the general meeting of MFSZ that the voluntary data collection will start in 3-5 Hungarian baths through an online interface. Continue reading …

István Fekete Memorial renewed in the Small-Balaton

As part of a HUF 1.2 billion project that also includes the construction of the Kis-Balaton Visitor Center, the István Fekete Memorial was renovated for HUF 22.5 million, the Ministry of Agriculture informed MTI in a press release on Tuesday. The announcement quotes András Rácz, the Secretary of State responsible for the environment at the Ministry of Agriculture, who reminded at the handover ceremony on Tuesday that Kis-Balaton has been protected at the national level since 1951, has been registered by the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance since 1979, and has been part of the European Community's nature conservation network since 2004. , a unit of outstanding importance for Natura 2000.
According to him, about half of the facilities registered in Hungary for ecotourism and environmental education are maintained by a national park. Continue reading …

The rise in the price of tickets lake fishing

The price of fishing tickets on Lake Balaton will increase by more than ten percent on average next year, the CEO of Balaton Halgazdálkodási Nonprofit Zrt. Said in Gyenesdiás on Thursday. Continue reading …

The aim is to protect the environment and landscape given an important role in the regulation of new coastline of Lake Balaton

New regulation of the coastline of Lake Balaton, the aim is to get a serious role in the environment and landscape of Lake Balaton free to remain around 30 meter band - said Róbert Kiss Richard tourist journalists on Monday, M1 of the current channel, adding that the goal is not, that anyone can take away rights already earned. Continue reading …

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