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Szemerei Villa - Siofok


Szemerei Villa - Siofok

Szemerei Villa - Siofok Siofok The hotel is located in the Golden Beach only 200 m away from the Gold Coast beach, quiet, civilized surroundings. Ideal for families who want to relax, […]

La Rossi Bed and Breakfast - Zamárdi


La Rossi Bed and Breakfast - Zamárdi

La Rossi Bed and Breakfast - Zamárdi Lake Balaton Zamárdi settlements are a direct waterfront hotel, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, restaurant on site, Shop 200m, direct water. THE […]

Klaudia Guesthouse - Siofok


Klaudia Guesthouse Siofok

Klaudia Guesthouse - Family house Siofok Siofok city center. Two-storey family house with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace with garden furniture. Fully equipped kitchen. Facilities closed partkolási […]

Cherry Apartment - Siofok - Gold Coast


Cherry Apartment - Siofok - Gold Coast

Cherry Apartment - Siofok - Siofok Gold Coast Gold Coast, reasonable quiet place to rent 6-person apartment with closed parking rates. The lake circa 100m. shop circa 100m. […]

Chestnut holiday park - bungalows - Balatonudvari-Fövenyes


Chestnut apartments Accommodation Balaton Udvari-cooked ...

Chestnut apartments Accommodation on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, Balatonudvari sandy-bungalows for rent. Chestnut The Chestnut Holiday Park Apartments consists Each apartment has a separate entrance, private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, garden […]

Nikoletta - Seven Key Guesthouse - Siofok


Seven Key Guesthouse - Siofok

Nikoletta - Seven Key Guesthouse - Siofok-story guest house with apartments and rooms for rent. Ground Floor Apartment - street front location, 2 double (extra) room + bathroom, […]

Kohan Cottage - Accommodation - Siofok


Kohan Cottage - Siofok

Kohan Cottage - Holiday Siofok Siofok, near the center and the New Local (non-paying) beach. Two-storey family house with 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. each room […]

Kajki Apartments Zamárdi


Kajki Apartments - Zamárdi

Kajki Apartments - Cozy apartments Zamárdi Zamárdi Széchenyi utca. divided into three parts family holiday house to rent two four-person apartments. Comfortable holiday on the beach 5 […]

Fűzfő Guesthouse Balatonfűzfő


Cheap Balaton Guesthouse Balatonfűzfő

Fűzfő Guest House - BalatonfűzfőOlcsó but still looking for a pleasant holiday at Lake Balaton? Spend your holiday in Balatonfűzfő. Föveny pleasant environment close to the beach, rent a family house. The Balatonfűzfői […]

Farkaslak - Old-fashioned Holiday Siofok


Farkaslak - Old-fashioned Holiday Siofok

Farkaslak - Old-fashioned Holiday Siofok Siofok, Grand Strand - besides plage. If you are bored of walking and do not want to spend the parties move in taxi […]

Farkaslak - Nostalgia Hotel - Siofok

Patrícia Apartment Siófok Aranypart - Image 8

Farkaslak - Nostalgia Hotel - Siofok

FarkasLak Nostalgia Hotel - Siofok, Siofok plage The Gold Coast is just a few steps. The apartment is located on the ground floor, with private garden, garden furniture, parking in the yard for a car. The […]

Hotel Kentaur


Hotel Centaur Hotel Siofok

Hotel Centaur Hotel: The lake in Central Europe in the heart of picturesque mountain ranges lying lake. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists enjoying swim out. On the south shore, Siofok direct […]

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Five locations will begin again the work of the Hungarian national team swimmer

At the beginning of next week, the members of the Hungarian swimming team will resume joint training at two locations in the capital and three in the countryside.

Kozma Dominik, a world and five-time European Championship bronze medalist, said on Saturday on the current channel M1 that the joint work will continue in the Danube Arena, the Laky Károly Swimming Pool, as well as in Törökbálint, Balatonfűzfő and Győr for those who tested negative for both coronaviruses.
The BVSC athlete added that he will receive the result of his second test on Sunday or Monday so he can jump into the pool again on Tuesday or Wednesday. Continue reading …

Balaton bread :)

We tried out what kind of bread you can make at home 🙂

2.49 Kg. and we really enjoyed it...

Siofok nine-goal advantage in the quarter-finals

Defending champion Siófok KC won 38-29 in the first match of the quarterfinals of the women's handball EHF Cup at the home of Turkish champion Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK on Sunday.

Result, Quarterfinals, Match 1:
Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK (Turkish) -Siófok KC 29-38 (12-24) Continue reading …

World Champion Netherlands confirmed parking space EHF Cup defending champion Siofok

In the women's handball EHF-Cup, defending champion Siófok KC signed world champion Dutch defender Danick Snelder from Ferencváros.

The Balaton-side club announced on its website on Friday that the 29-year-old player will join the team in the summer.
From 2010 to 2016, Snelder played handball in the German team Thüringer HC, where he took part in six league titles and two cup victories. In 2016, the full-back signed a contract with Ferencváros, won the Hungarian Cup and played a role in winning three championship silver medals.
Snelder made his debut in the Dutch national team at the 2010 European Championship, was second in the World Cup in 2015, silver medalist in the European Championship in 2016 with the team, and in 2019 he was a member of the world champion team in Japan. Published by MTI

Continue the national development program beach

The beach development program will continue this year, under which 86 beaches can be renewed nationwide with a non-refundable grant of nearly HUF 3 billion, said László Lengid, Deputy CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) at a press conference on Eszterházy Beach in Balatonfüred on Friday. Continue reading …

Women's handball NB I - Siófok success

Siófok is the second guest in the table, who scored easily with 19 goals in accordance with the paper form, over the undefeated army driver Szent István SE in the women's handball NB I match on Tuesday.

The most successful of the meeting was Katarina Jezic, a Croatian from the shores of Lake Balaton, with seven hits. Continue reading …

Siófok keeps it at the forefront, still the most attractive for the younger ones.

Siófok, which was mentioned as the capital of the summer in terms of guest nights, was also a millionaire last year, although the number of guest nights in commercial accommodation increased by only 0.8 percent compared to the previous year, thus falling short of the 2017 record for visitors. Continue reading …

Don’t travel to northern Italy now if you can. The economy around the world understands the impact of the Chinese coronavirus; mainly tourism has declined.

The economy around the world understands the impact of the Chinese coronavirus; mainly tourism decreased, but production also declined, said Gergely Salát, a Chinese researcher, on the M1 current channel on Saturday night. Continue reading …

Negotiations will begin with the 44 municipalities on the Balaton individually about the new waterfront plans

As of March 1, the first-level construction authorities will be transferred to government offices everywhere. After that, a Balaton chief architect can be appointed.
In the coming weeks, negotiations will begin with the 44 Balaton-side settlements individually about the new waterfront plans, said Zsolt Füleki, the Deputy Secretary of State for Architecture and Construction at the Prime Minister's Office on Friday in Siófok, at the meeting of the Balaton Development Council (BFT). Continue reading …

Diesel buses can still be put into service in Siófok next year, but from 2022 only electric buses will be available.

In 47 Hungarian settlements, only electric buses could be put into circulation from 2022. If the population situation of the settlements does not change drastically, then Dunakeszi, among others, Siofok and Szentendre can also prepare for the ban on diesel buses.

Within the framework of the Green Bus program, from 2022 only electric buses can be put into operation in settlements with a population of more than 25,000, as a result, within 10 years, every second bus can be electric-powered - László Palkovics explained one of the points of the government's climate protection program.

Continue reading …

Monday topple water level of the lake

By the beginning of next week, an extremely strong westerly flow may form again over Europe, even compared to the winter period. In most parts of the continent, prepare for stormy or even hurricane-force wind gusts. In our country - partly due to the flow-modifying effect of the Alps - the south-west wind can reach a stormy speed of 70-100 km/h. In addition to the obvious inconveniences, the wind blowing from the southwest (rarely of such strength) can also cause an interesting phenomenon: it can tilt the water level of the Hungarian sea. Continue reading …

The European otter has been the year of mammals

This year was the year of European mammals otter. The program chooses the Vadonleső protected or specially protected, mostly in their communities importance of native mammal species in its seventh year, the year for which you want to draw the whole broad base of both technical communities, and society's attention. He told MTI. Continue reading …

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